With TopNet Cloud, IT resources applications, compute, storage, and networking are securely delivered as a service, deploying infrastructure capacity on demand, on a shared multi-tenant platform.

The modern day IT Infrastructure Planning, Implementation and Maintenance have been taken over by new security parameters and the respective platforms among which Cloud is a prominent one. ‘Cloud Services’ are effective in virtualization of IT infrastructure which includes deploying infrastructure capacity on demand along with managing IT resources and applications. All the essential functions and applications are shared on a multi-tenant platform. It improves efficiency and reduces cost; you can also witness high-end optimization in terms of resource management.

Contrary to the apprehensions and perceptions about security risks, Cloud platforms are emerging to be more secure when compared with the traditional server management strategies. It significantly overcomes the location specific limitations as any entity can conveniently utilize a set of shared infrastructure management services over Cloud from a remote location. Even though all the key features and functions are shared, they are completely exclusive with well channelized segments. End users can also have a free run with accessing their respective systems and even managing the same according to their convenience. The key features of Cloud Services include the facilitation of High End & High Availability Infrastructure, streamlined management with rapid scalability, easy collaboration of critical processes like CRM & E-mail Integration and flexibility with multiple Operating Systems.

Reliability of Cloud Services is always an exceptional case-in-point because it has completely revolutionized the way businesses have been approaching IT Infrastructure Management. Cloud has more to offer than the alternative platforms and a service provider with comprehensive know-how alone can do justice to the modern day infrastructure requirements. Ever since the inception of Cloud Services, TopNet has been delivering highly scalable and effective solutions to vast segment of clientele from various business verticals. Effective management of various features, functions and applications integrated with Cloud is the unique proposition we offer to our customers.

Cloud Attributes

  • High end, high availability (HA) infrastructure
  • Robust Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
  • Rapid scalability to respond to business demands
  • Individual node uptime reliability
  • Supports multiple Operating Systems (OS)
  • Lower Costs

Support Systems

Web-based help desk system to delight your customers.

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